X-Ray Scanning
X-Ray Scanning
Times have changed- and the world of data storage has changed, too!
We’re living in a digital world….
…with data storage technologies evolving at warp speed.

Keep up with the evolving world- convert to digital!

Digitization is the way forward in most sectors in today’s world, and medical records are no exception. X-Ray and Radiology scanning can improve the overall efficiency and productivity of radiology departments in hospitals. Our X-Ray scanning solutions scan and convert X-Rays into digital formats.

At IIST, our facilities are equipped with special scanners to scan all types of medical X-Rays, and we can undertake the scanning at your facility so that your records do not need to be displaced or moved. We help streamline your medical procedures and organise your workflow processes by making information and medical records available at the click of a mouse.

Try our X-Ray scanning services today, for free! (*conditions apply)

The advantages?

  • Digital images can be preserved for over 300 years.
  • Digital images are easily retrievable- information can be accessed, printed and distributed in seconds from the desktop using a network and a secured web server.
  • Digitisation in healthcare can potentially save thousands of lives through improved efficiency and clarity of processes.

Why make the switch at all?

  • Digital X-Rays can be viewed at any time from a computer that is connected to the network, making searching for and viewing images a quick process. In hospitals, this can significantly contribute to saving lives.
  • Off-site diagnoses can be made and second opinions from medical experts across the globe easily sought.
  • Considerable reductions can be made in terms of cost and time, as electronic indexing makes location of X-Rays very simple. Referencing can be done through patient name, admission number or department as required.
  • Especially in hospitals, every available inch of space is at a premium. By digitizing X-Rays, back-office storage room space can also be saved as all files can be saved electronically and old X-Ray films can be disposed of.
  • Very often the scanned images provide better image quality than the original X-Ray films. X-Ray scanning is carried out at high resolutions and images can be viewed more clearly than on a lightbox , making it possible to highlight even minute details.


  • At Sri IIST Inc, we have had over a decade of experience in X-Ray scanning.
  • We work with Medical X- Rays, Dental X- Rays, Veterinary X- Rays and MRIs.c
  • We recognize that bulky X-Rays cannot be readily moved, and we provide our services at your facility. Your documents need not be moved anywhere at all, and we work at your premises, with our equipment.
  • Our approach is cost-effective and our work timings are flexible according to your needs.
  • We scan and convert your X-Rays to popular formats such as PDF and DICOM.
  • Rushed for time? We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can handle the largest of your X-Ray scanning jobs with competence.
  • Your privacy is our number one priority. We ensure that there is no data loss and handle your records with complete confidentiality.

Superior quality at low costs!

We offer reliable and accurate imaging with quick turn-around times.
That’s the IIST stamp of quality.
Allow us to help you optimize your processes- let’s meet up today!
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