Microfilm Scanning
Microfilm Scanning
Times have changed- and the world of data storage has changed, too!
Today, technology has shrunk the world…
…and revolutionized possibilities in data storage.

Keep up with the shrinking world- convert to digital!

Today’s organizations have the digital technology to simplify and vastly improve their data storage solutions. Managing, accessing and retrieving precious documents needs to take top priority. And if your valuable information is still on microfilm, you’re in for a lot of trouble.

Access and retrieval of old microfilm data not only takes time, but is becoming increasingly troublesome. The equipment used to read the microfilms is becoming outdated in today’s rapidly changing technological world. Better safe than sorry, we always say, and that’s why we advocate converting your microfilm images to the latest in digital technology…before it’s too late!

Try our microfilm scanning services today, for free! (*conditions apply)

The advantages?

  • Digital images can be preserved for over 300 years.
  • Digital images are easily retrievable- information can be accessed, printed and distributed in seconds from the desktop using a network and a secured web server.

Why make the switch at all?

  • Microfilm tends to deteriorate over time, and valuable images are rendered irretrievable.
  • Hardware support is fast being phased out, and microfilm readers are on the decline.
  • Accessing microfilm records takes time, effort and expertise.


  • With over a decade of experience in microfilm scanning, you can rest assured your valuable data is in safe hands. Our professional experience in converting microfilms into high quality digital images is second to none..
  • Your microfilm is carefully handled and chemically cleaned if required, before processing- this is done entirely free of charge. We realize how valuable your information is to you and deploy stringent quality control processes during every step.
  • We convert all formats of microfilm documents into various digital images using our state-of-the-art Mekel and Sunrise scanners. We have the capabilities of handling 16 MM and 35 MM films with various reduction ratios like 24 X or 48 X, among others.
  • Our turn-around times are the fastest in the business! We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .Your most challenging microfilm scanning jobs are safely handled with competence.
    We deliver on time and within budget. Every time.
  • We understand that certain documents need to be handled with utmost confidentiality…and we do just that. No questions asked.
  • The finished output is carefully packaged and sent back to you with your originals. Indexing and labeling is accurate so that there is no ambiguity.
  • The output is typically in TIFF Group 4 or PDF formats, and delivered on CD/DVD in a folder directory structure.

We keep our customers happy!

Professional, safe and efficient services that keep our customers happy.
That’s the IIST stamp of quality.
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