Paper Scanning
Paper Scanning
Times have changed- and the world of data storage has changed, too!
We are in the digital age today….
…with faster, more efficient Data Storage than ever before.

Keep up with the advancing world- convert to digital!

Space has become a premium in offices today, and there just isn’t any room to house reams of paper documents, bills and receipts anymore. Scanning and digitizing documents has become more critical to businesses than ever before. Today, having the ability to capture information, images, and data is not always enough. Storing, accessing and retrieving it easily is also equally crucial.

This is where we at IISC can help. Digitize and organize all your paper documents with the help of our skilled professionals. Create an organized digital library of all your business paperwork- starting from contracts, bills and invoices to receipts, warranties, and anything else that’s on paper. We create a digital filing system that allows you to index, analyze and extract key records from all your paper documentation.

Try us for your paper scanning requirements- we are confident you will be happy with our services!

The advantages?

  • Digital images can be preserved for over 300 years.
  • Digital images are easily retrievable- information can be accessed, printed and distributed in seconds from the desktop using a network and a secured web server..
  • Through digitization, documents can be shared across global offices as required, keeping all your teams on the same page for customer support.

Why make the switch at all?

  • Paper documents are bulky, take up huge amounts of storage space and are easily destroyed by fire, water, insects and other elements.
  • Accessing paper records can take forever and if documents are not properly indexed they may even be impossible to find.
  • With the green revolution, we are all moving toward a paperless world and environmental awareness necessitates reducing our carbon footprint.


  • At Sri IIST Inc, we have had over a decade of experience in paper scanning.
  • We work with documents, drawings, images and all other forms of paper data.
  • We recognize that valuable documents cannot be readily moved, and we provide our services at your site. Your documents need not be moved anywhere at all, and we work at your premises, with our equipment.
  • Our solutions meet and exceed even the most demanding scanning and capture requirements. Our work is flexible and customizable in order to address all your document management and workflow challenges.
  • Our experience in the paper scanning field comes with proven high customer satisfaction, and quick turn-around times
  • We work with clear indexing, hyperlinks, book marking and provide outputs in various formats- PDF, TIFF, OCR and so on as required for maximum productivity.
  • Our capabilities range from small to large formats and we can scan even E- size documents.
  • We provide training on access, retrieval and viewing software as needed.
  • Rushed for time? We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can handle the largest of your paper scanning jobs with competence.
  • Your privacy is our number one priority. We have handled top-security data with no data loss and in complete confidentiality.

Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Our vision is to meet and exceed all your expectations.
That’s the IIST stamp of quality.
Let’s work together- do give us a call!
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